Link Workers

Transformation Service

Working within the neighbourhood mental health teams alongside clinical and other mental health services, Community Mental Health Link Workers can guide people with mental health problems through local voluntary and community services as well as local health, social care and other services and support them to:

Manage their own health and wellbeing using tools and strategies that help them live well.

Connect with specialist support services such as housing or money advice.

Make connections in their local community with support groups and activities.

Increase confidence and resilience by meeting new people and building friendships

Meet other people who have had similar experiences for mutual Peer support

Take up learning and training opportunities, new interests or become a volunteer

Support is also available for anyone who is caring for someone with a mental health condition to:

Help them feel more confident in their caring role by learning more about mental health and developing their understanding of how to support someone with a mental health issue.

Support them to focus on their own health and well-being

Provide opportunities to connect with other carers in a similar situation so they can share experiences and develop support networks.

Peer Support

Our Peer Support Service has been designed so that people can come together in support of each other when they have shared difficult experiences. The people involved in our Peer Support service play an active role in creating a safe environment for each other.

The service offers additional support alongside NHS Mental Health services but does not replace any current clinical groups. Our Peer Support groups are open to clients across Herefordshire and clients can be referred directly to the service.

Peer Support Volunteers assist Link Workers in delivering and supporting the running of Peer Support sessions. Working as a Peer Support Volunteer can help increase self-esteem and confidence and help manage your wellbeing by making a difference in the community.

Herefordshire Mind’s Transformation Team are currently seeking volunteers to help us provide this much needed support to people experiencing mental ill health.

For more information on referrals or volunteers please contact Zoey Groves at