Community Support Team

Learn about the Community Support Team at Herefordshire Mind.

Who We Are & What We Do

The Community Support Team provides flexible, recovery focused support for people with mental health problems living in the community.

Our support packages can be offered from between 1 hour per week to 24 hours per day and can include a sleep-in service.

Our aim is to provide people with a support package that enables them to feel safe & supported so that they can move forward, set new goals, learn new skills and do things enable them live a fuller, more satisfying & independent life.

Our team is made up of staff who are experienced in supporting people with mental health issues at a pace that is right for them.

We can support people who already live in the community or who are making the transition from hospital or other rehabilitation/care provisions, back to their own accommodation where the current level of support may not be sufficient.

How Can I Access The Community Support Team Service?

You can access the Community Support Team through the following two routes:

If you are self-funding your own personalised support package, or are in direct control of a personal budget, we can accept self-referrals. Please contact the Community Support Team Coordinator (see below for contact details).

If you are seeking funding for your personalised support package you will need to be referred by your care coordinator and have your budget approved by the Funding Panel.