Talking Mind with Alicia

Alicia is our General Manager, or as we call her, "the boss". Alicia joined us from SHYPP in September and has made a fantastic impression. Alicia believes in "work hard, play hard" - following the staff Christmas party, we can tell you that she certainly knows how to do both!

Hi Alicia! You've been with us just over 3 months now - how are things going?

I’ve been working hard to gain a good overall picture of what Herefordshire Mind does and the challenges we face, but I’m still learning! It’s been great meeting the staff and people who use our services. 

What have you picked up on so far?

The last few years have been a bit rocky (!) and it’s important to acknowledge that, but also to now start to move on. We’re a lean team now and need to focus on the services we have and appropriate areas of sustainable growth. 

We also need to shout more about the great work we’re doing. We’ve already made some great progress with this, thanks to the Mind@40 Expo and hopefully events like the Raceday will help.

What have you got planned for us in 2019?

I’ll be working with the management team and the Trustees over the coming months to firm up our future direction. We need to make sure any growth is sustainable, find out and understand what services are needed across Herefordshire and what opportunities there are which would enable us to grow. 

As I’ve talked to the people who use our services, what has shone through is the difference we make to people’s lives. We need to secure our income to make sure that all these services can continue. It looks like we’ve made all the cuts we can, so it’s time to secure what we have and start moving forward.

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