Zoom Cafe

We are excited to announce on Monday 9th November we will be launching our new Zoom Café! This will be an open, relaxed and free flowing discussion about different set topics each week. These could range from gardening, supermarkets or even favourite retro sweets!
The Zoom session will be from 6:30pm-7:00pm and you will need to register with us before the session. It is open to anyone who feels isolated or would just benefit from a friendly chat. To register please click here

Weekly topics include:

Week 1: What's for dinner/evening meal

Week 2: Supermarkets 


Week 3: Local areas of beauty 

Please feel free to bring along some pictures of your favourite local areas of beauty to discuss

Week 4: Baking


Week 5: Acts of kindness


Week 6: Weather


Any questions please feel free to email us - safehaven@herefordshire-mind.org.uk

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