Specialist support for adults

There are some specialist services that Herefordshire Mind doesn't provide. Please see below for details of some organisations that may be able to help.


Onside Advocacy provide Independent Mental Health Advocates (IMHA's) and Independent Mental Capacity Advocates (IMCA's) in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. You can call them on 01905 27525.

Alcohol and substance misuse

Addaction Herefordshire offers information, advice and support for people with drug and alcohol issues They aim to support people to overcome their issues and develop the skills necessary to go on to live a fulfilling life in recovery,and also support the families of people with substance misuse issues. 

You can call them on 01432 802487.


The Counselling Directory has a search tool to help you find a local counsellor. The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy also offer a 'Find a therapist' tool. We don't recommend any specific counselling service, but we would strongly suggest that you check that your counsellor has professional accreditation.

Head and acquired brain injuries

Herefordshire Mind does work with people who have experienced head and acquired brain injuries, but our area of expertise is mental health. If you need specialist support for a head or acquired brain injury, please contact Herefordshire Headway on 01432 761000.

Help with benefits

Herefordshire Council run an online service called BetterOff, which will show you the benefits you may be entitled to and will help you to apply for them online. If you need extra support with claiming benefits, you can arrange an appointment with a welfare benefits adviser by calling 01432 383444.

If you are not able to leave your home either because of disabilities or caring responsibilities and need support with welfare benefits, welfare benefits advisers can make home visits.

NHS services

NHS mental health services in Herefordshire are provided by 2gether Trust

You can self-refer into the Let's Talk programme, or you can be referred by your GP.  You can call Let's Talk directly on 0800 073 2200. If you would prefer to go through your GP, the video below will talk you through how to have that first conversation.

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